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Cathay Pacific commits to Hong Kong with new "Asia's World City" aircraft
Published: Feb 03, 2008 

On February 1, Cathay Pacific Airways celebrated the arrival of its latest aircraft - one that highlights the airline's firm commitment to its home city. The new Boeing 777-300ER arrived from Seattle painted in the unique "Asia's world city" livery that will help to promote the Hong Kong name as it flies around the world.

The aircraft, the sixth of 30 777-300ERs being delivered to Cathay Pacific by 2012, was welcomed to Hong Kong in a ceremony hosted by the airline's Chief Executive Tony Tyler at the Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company (HAECO). Officiating guests were Mr Norman Lo, Director-General of the Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department, and Mr Jack So, Chairman of the Hong Kong Trade Development Council.

The "Asia's world city" aircraft carries on its fuselage the striking logo of the "flying dragon", complemented by the "Asia's world city" Hong Kong brand line. From afar, the dragon, which symbolises the spirit of Hong Kong and its people, is seen soaring over the green waves, which depicts the lands and oceans of the world. This is the second Cathay Pacific aircraft to be painted in "Asia's world city" colours - the first, a Boeing 747-400, was unveiled in July 2002.

Speaking at the welcome ceremony, Tony Tyler said that each time the aircraft lands in a different city it will help to spread the word about Hong Kong. "In its distinctive green livery the aircraft clearly proclaims that Hong Kong is a city that has made its mark on the world stage," said Mr Tyler.

"Our latest Boeing 777-300 will fly around our network carrying the message that Hong Kong is Asia's world city. It also carries a message that Cathay Pacific is Hong Kong's home airline - a job we have been doing for 61 years and will proudly continue to do long into the future."

Director-General of the HKCAD Norman Lo said: "Cathay Pacific has provided unfailing support to the local aviation industry for 60 years and the 'Asia's world city' livery on its latest aircraft reflects the important contribution of aviation to the local economy and the success of Hong Kong. By working closely with the aviation industry we will maintain Hong Kong's position as an international aviation hub."

TDC Chairman Jack So said: "Cathay Pacific has demonstrated its clear commitment to Hong Kong so it is most appropriate that it should operate the 'Asia's world city' aircraft. The TDC and Cathay Pacific have worked closely together for many years and I'm sure that relationship will continue. After all, we both have the same interest at heart - showing the world that Hong Kong really is 'Asia's world city'."

At the HAECO welcome ceremony, Mr Lo and Mr So joined Mr Tyler to unveil the Brand Hong Kong "Asia's world city" logo on the aircraft. Around 50 students of different nationalities were also there to welcome the aircraft, including around 30 involved in Cathay Pacific's "I Can Fly" community programme who belong to a group of members named "Asia's world city".

The Boeing 777-300ER aircraft will become the mainstay of the Cathay Pacific long-haul fleet in the years to come. The highly efficient aircraft will enable the airline to operate more direct, non-stop flights to important destinations in North America. Each of the new aircraft comes fitted with Cathay Pacific's innovative three-class long-haul product that is helping to redefine the passenger experience for long-haul travel.

Cathay Pacific is committed to expanding its fleet and network to further the development of Hong Kong as an international hub. It now operates a total of 114 wide-bodied aircraft and has 52 on firm order. The Cathay Pacific Group fleet, which includes Dragonair and Air Hong Kong, will number 200 by 2012.

Mr. Yang Yuanyuan, Minister of CAAC

Mr. Yang Yuanyuan, Minister of CAAC , was there at Aviation Expo/China 2007 with us

Mr. Gao Hongfeng, Vice Minister of CAAC,

Mr. Gao Hongfeng, Vice Minister of CAAC, was there at Air Show China 2002 with us

Mr. Yang Guoqing, Vice Minister of CAAC

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