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Harwar International Aviation Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. is an innovative company dedicated to the research and development of industrial-grade unmanned aerial vehicles. Our headquarter is located in Shenzhen, and we have established R&D center both in Shenzhen and in Bremen, Germany.
As a leading company in the industrial-grade UAV industry, Harwar has established a strict management system and perfect quality guarantee system. We has passed the ISO9001, ISO14001, QC80000 quality system certification, the US Federal Communications Commission FCC certification, the EU member states CE certification, the First Testing Institute of Ministry of Public Security of P. R. CHINA certification, the National Photoelectron Information Product Quality Supervision and Inspection center certification, and the CEPRI China Electric Power Research Institute testing and certification. What’s more, Harwar has more than 190 patents such as the invention patent, PCT international patent, utility model patents, appearance patents, software copyright, and etc. and gained a lot of honorary title such as the China Police Equipment Technology Innovation Award, the United Arab Emirates Police UAV excellent product award, Top Twenty UAV Enterprise, etc.
Harwar UAVs are built with the aviation-grade 3K carbon fiber in Unibody Design and have also made use of materials such as Magnesium Alloy and Titanium Alloy as well as industrialgrade sensor chips. Harwar UAVs have passed hydrodynamics and aerodynamics tests, and its torque strength and wind resistance performance has reached the leading level in this industry. In order to guarantee the quality of the UAVs, Harwar developed and manufactured about 95% of the accessories and parts by ourselves. Harwar DualRedundancy Flight Control System has further stood the tests such as the Electro-Magnetic Compatibility Test, Shock-Resistance Test, High & Low Temperature Test, and Harsh Environment Test.
Harwar UAV products are widely used in Security, Emergency, Industrial Applications, and Film & TV Industry, including specific applications such as police patrolling, anti-terrorist missions, border defense, emergency rescue, medical aid, disaster rescue, firefighting, geo-mapping, environmental monitoring, forest and property monitoring, power grid inspection, oil pipeline inspection, aerial filming etc. Harwar has thus become a reliable partner of many government departments and renowned international enterprises.
哈瓦国际航空技术(深圳)有限公司是一家致力于 特种装备无人机研发与制造的国家级高新技术企 业。公司总部坐落于中国深圳龙华“哈瓦国际航空 产业园”。哈瓦全自主研发、生产的无人机通过了 ISO9001、ISO14001、QC80000等质量体系认证, 美国联邦FCC、欧盟CE、公安部检测认证,国家 光电子信息产品质量监督检验中心认证,CEPRI 中 国电力科学研究院检测认证。哈瓦无人机已广泛应 用于公共安全、消防救援等领域 . 市场布局 18 个国 家和地区,在美国、加拿大、阿联酋等国家部门得 到了广泛应用,哈瓦无人机产品的专业性、创新性、 精湛性在诸多行业用户中赢得广泛认可与赞誉。
展出产品 Product to be displayed: Harwar International Aviation Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. is an innovative company dedicated to the research and development of industrial-grade unmanned aerial vehicles. 哈瓦国际航空技术(深圳)有限公司是一家致力于 特种装备无人机研发与制造的国家高新技术企业。



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